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Spaces into question marks..why?!

Question asked by cmikhaiel on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by cmikhaiel

Hi all,

I've noticed that in couple of actions in SP/Nintex 2010 Nintex processes spaces provided and turns them into question marks. why?!!!

Here is some details:

1. Collect Data action through Lazy approval (Request Data action)

I have numerous actions built into workflows where the users are asked to Provide data, then this data gets processed and sent in emails and updates fields. The users are asked to reply to those tasks though Lazy approval rather than logging into sharepoint and completing the task. 

The user typically will get an email like this that has the input form at the bottom of the email. 

The user will respond and provide the data between brackets.


What I discovered is that there is little spaces between those square brackets that if the user ignores to delete them all, then those spaces will be in the updated field as question marks and will look like this "?11111?"




2. Create AD user account action.

A new employee form that contains firstname and lastname takes this data and creates the account in AD.

After doing the AD username extract I noticed that there has been question marks inserted between the first and last name in all the accounts that were created through that action.


while others look very normal with one space between first name and last name in CN (the common name).


Does anyone know why is this happening and most importantly how can I go about fixing it especially the AD one?