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Site workflow looping to update records

Question asked by richardlhughes on May 3, 2017
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I created a site workflow that I believe is not suggested and maybe not best practice. I have been trying to avoid using scheduled site workflows since they are not available in office 365. However, I created a workflow last week for a business user that loops through all items(several ~800+) in a list and starts a workflow for each item.


The purpose for the scheduled workflow is to update the static calculated column field daily based upon a date field(days until due). This business user wants this calculated field(days until due) in the list to be updated daily(dynamically) and of course SharePoint is not capable of performing this update automatically.


I am using the collection and call web service technique for the parent workflow. The child workflow for each record is set to update a field in the list. This causes the calculated column to re-calculate. The workflows completed for the first few days but, it seems our farm has started to slow down (other reasons) and the workflows keeps erroring out every morning. They are set to run early in the morning during low interaction.


I would like to know thoughts about this setup.


Here are a few questions:

Should I discontinue using this workflow? 

Is there a better way to achieve the same results?

What are opinions on Site workflow like this type? (my past thoughts were to avoid)

Does anyone use this type of setup currently?


Thanks in advance for your replies!