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Flexi task behaviour

Question asked by tricias on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by cazza162

#Hi folks - I've been reading all the previous Q&A's but can't find a solution for my workflow (attached) because of the behaviours in Flexi-tasks.


This is what should happen:


Once you change the “Ready for approval” to “Yes, Go!” then “check in” the document, the workflow will start, sending review request emails to the people you have identified as “approvers” in the document information. 


Outcome:  Changes required

The document will check out again and the “Ready for Approval” status will change to “Not yet…”.  The review process will start again once the changes are made and the “Ready for Approval” status has been changed and the document checked in.


Outcome:  No changes required

The document will go through and automatic approval process, the version will change from minor (0.1, etc.) to major (1.0, etc.) and the status will change to “approved”.


But, I want all the identified approvers  to be involved in the review cycle, so none of the flexi-task behaviours work (e.g. first response applies, etc.).


Any ideas?  I guess a workaround could be "all must agree"?

flexi task behaviour