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I need advice on the best way to set up Sharepoint/Workflow

Question asked by sshaffer on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by murphybp2

I was asked to create a workflow and wanted to get advice on the best way to set this up.


Basically, it is a workflow to follow 6 different checklists depending on the “Subject”.  Each checklist has 30 - 40 steps.   The workflow should keep track of the date that each step on the checklist is completed.


Let’s say the checklists are called 1) Dialer, 2) SQRP, 3) Mainframe, 4) Campaign, 5) Collections, 6) Statements


The Intake form will have 4-6 fields with one of the fields called “Subject”.  The possible values of the “subject” field will be Dialer, SQRP, Mainframe, Campaign, Collections, Statements.  Depending on which “subject” is selected, the workflow will keep track of the steps for that specific subject.


How should I set this up?

  1. Should I have 7 lists, 1 For the Intake Request and 6 for each of the Subjects?
  2. Or should I have 1 List that has the fields on the Intake form and 240 fields (6 Subjects x 40 Steps) for the various check lists?
  3. If I go with #1, and kick off the Nintex workflow on the Intake form, can the workflow update the Intake list as well as one of the other Subject lists?
  4. Any other ideas?