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Give users access to the form not the list !

Question asked by asadki on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by chris.ben


I'm sure this is easy, but since i'm new to SharePoint and Nintex please bare with me.


i have created a form and a workflow in my sub-site using Nintex, to lunch the form i have to click on New Item in my list, and after submit the form i get the List will all Data;


to give my form/workflow to other users, i don't want them to access my list and click New Item and see all Data in my list after submit the form.


Please let me know the right way to do that ? I need to give users a link to my form and after they submit they should not see Data on my list;


If i create a new sub-site, and insert a link to my form; when i click that link i get this error;



Thank you for your help in advance;