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Starting a workflow once it is created and checked in

Question asked by katie.willis on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by katie.willis

Hi I am relatively new to Nintex for O365 and I am trying to create a reminder workflow on a document library for company licences. When the user uploads a document, there is a mandatory field called renewal date. I want the workflow to send a reminder based on that date so the field is set to mandatory. 30 days prior to the renewal date it will send an email to a group of people to renew the licence then upload the new version of it. When uploading the new version, they will then set the next renewal date and it will start again. I have set it for the workflow to start when created but the workflow fails as it starts once the file is created and not checked in. How can I make the workflow wait until the user has input the field and checked in the file to start the workflow? I was then going to have another workflow to start on modified to check to see if the other workflow was running and the renewal date had changed. If it was, then terminate that workflow and start the initial one again.