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Automatic Check In when not using the Check Out action

Question asked by tricias on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by tricias

Hi - I have created a workflow for review and approval.  The workflow starts if the column I have created called "Send for Approval" is set to "Yes! Go!".  This will change the status of the workflow to "starting", but it won't send notifications and move to "in progress" until the document is checked in.


I have two issues:


1.  Is there a way to check the document in automatically when the "send for notification" is changed to "Yes? Go!".  I tried the "check in" action but found out that only works when the "check out" action is used earlier in the workflow - which it isn't.


2.  My workflow is also meant to check the item out and change the column value to "Not Yet" if there are changes required, but this is not happening.  It should also then start the review workflow again once the column value is changed to "Yes! Go!".


I've attached the workflow - any help is gratefully received!!!


#workflow #statemachine #changestate #checkout 


UPDATE - I have resolved issue #2 by inserting a "commit pending changes" after "update item"


UPDATE 2 - I have just found out that the workflow starts even if the column value is set to "Not Yet", it then kicks in notifications when the document is checked in, so the Run If action is not working...