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Nintex Form - Invalid URL value

Question asked by tposzytek Champion on Apr 26, 2017
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I'm facing a weird issue with the Nintex Form. Have anyone else faced it and solved somehow?

This is what I did:


  1. I have created a calendar-type list in SPO;
  2. I have added the "Item" content type to the list and I'be made it the default (Nintex Forms is not working on "Event" content type);
  3. I have then added one "Number" field and one "Lookup" field to the content type.
  4. I have then went to a Nintex Forms and published "untouched" form.


Now, when I'm trying to save the form I'm receiving the error:

Please address the following:

  • Invalid URL value. A URL field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.


I looked into "Controls in use" tab but there is no "Hyperlink" field... There is also nothing in settings? What can possibly be wrong?






I have attached the exported form. I also have tried to just create a form on a default list, with a lookup column and... there is the same error. Anybody? Help