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List View - How to filter out empty columns

Question asked by julianajacobsen on Apr 25, 2017
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I have a number of workflows where different people are assigned to work on the project at intervals throughout the project's life. I would like to set up a list view for a group of people who are involved in the later stages of the workflow. However, I would like to filter out the projects that haven't gotten to their specific stage yet.


To do this, I thought it would be simple enough to add a filter When column 'x' is empty; however, that is not an option in the list view edits. The options are When column 'x': is equal to / is not equal to / is greater than / is less than / is greater than or equal to / is less than or equal to / begins with / contains.


Is there a way to fill in the required information so that the projects will not appear in the list view if column 'x' is equal to 'empty'?