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Updating Appointment Using Web Request

Question asked by rogelio.tan on Apr 24, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


I have a problem in updating an appointment in Outlook using Web Request Action. The scenario is this I have a workflow that will create an appointment to Outlook when an event is created in a sharepoint calendar and this workflow is just working fine. The next workflow is when an event is modified in the sharepoint calendar the changes will reflect on the Outlook calendar. Thanks to Caroline Jung answer to I successfully created a workflow that will update the Outlook calendar when the sharepoint calendar is modified. But here is the problem. In every event the user will also input several attendees and I can't update their Outlook calendar and I don't know why I cant update it my best guess is that I don't have their username or password that the web request action is requesting for. I also mark it as a red text on the codes below and the only information I have to the attendees is their email address



Example Scenario:

Rogelio created an event and input two attendees Mark and Jeff. The appointment should be created to the Outlook Calendar of Rogelio, Mark and Jeff. If Rogelio or any other user updates the Appointment. The Update should also reflect to their respective calendars.


Note: I only have the email address of Mark and Jeff so I cant input their login information to the Web Request action.


I also attached my Workflow for these. Any suggestions is welcomed. Thanks