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URL switch to set default value used as filter in 365 Form

Question asked by shaunlub on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by shaunlub

Due to a need to save one form in several different folders of a list (each with different permissions), I need to set a value on the form used to set a default lookup value (appropriate to the destination folder) in the first part of a cascading lookup filter.

Currently I have (in a plain list) 2 lookups on the form, which save to the list:


Business Unit     Country/Region


Not all Business Units are present in the same countries, so the Bus Unit lookup is used as a filter for the Country/Region lookup.


My folders are based on the the Business Unit value, and it is this value that I would like to set a default value for.

By creating links based from inside the (already created) Bus Unit Folders, I have found that the list items save inside the folders fine. But I still need to set the Bus Unit inside the form, to allow the requester to select the appropriate country from the Country list. These values (Bus Unit and Country/Region) are used to pull in appropriate managers (in the workflow following the form submit).

I would like to set Bus Unit links for requesters - adding ?BusUnit=Sales or ?BusUnit=Marketing on the end of the link URL in order to feed this default into the form control (actually to set the Bus Unit value on the form, and to act as a filter for the Country/Region value).

I guess this would involve addint Custom JS to the Form Settings and to the current pull down or a Calculated Value which will serve as filter to the Country/Region pulldown, as well as saving out to the list Bus Unit column.


I've not been able to see anything like this anywhere here.


Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks in advance.