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Recurring payments/Contract Renewal

Question asked by walter9000 on Apr 21, 2017
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Good Day Guys,

I have a challenge and I would to like heard f some ideas rom you to solve the following situation.


I am developing a project for recurring payments, I have a tabbed form (Vendor Information and Payment Detail) as below:

vendor information (Vendor Name, CVIF, Location, Payment Amount, Approver, "Contract Expiration Date" und sw..) 

Payment Detail (Type of payment, Invoice,#of payments, Payment Frequency..)



1. Send approval request, 2. route the Item for Review, complete workflow as well.

Now based on my field "Contract Expiration Date" I want to advise the requestor that contract will expire and give the option to make the renewal and start the workflow process again...


My question is how keep the record of the first recurring payment (Information, and workflow history log) and then start the renewal like secund recurreing payment and so on.


Thank you.