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How to assign a task to a person from a list?

Question asked by aionin on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by bashyarajan

I am trying to assign a task to a person stored in a "Person or Group" column in a list based on a value in another column in that list, and can't figure out how to do that or find any examples online. 


I have a "Query List" that looks up the person, the "Get Item from Collection" that's supposed to get the person from the List Variable that was filled in the "Query List", because apparently you can't do that in one step anymore like you could in the previous version, but I keep getting various errors, like the one below. When I select the Person column in the "Query List", I am forced to pick a field (which wasn't the case before), and I think part of the problem is I don't know which field to choose, since I need the "whole" person, but I tried a few, and keep getting errors. I have also tried using text variable instead of a person in the "Get Item from Collection", but that didn't work either.


The query to field 'OData__x0076_cu4' is not valid. The $select query string must specify the target fields and the $expand query string must contains OData__x0076_cu4


Here's what I am trying to do: