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Issue with tasks in Start a task process

Question asked by on Apr 20, 2017
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I've noticed strange thing - when I put "Start a Task Process" in a loop (n-times), participants got n-emails with Task Assigned notification and n-1 emails with Task Canceled notification.

Settings for "Start a task process" are:

-"Assignment Behavior" set  to "parallel (all at once)"

-"Assign a task to each member within groups" checked

-"Wait for task completion" unchecked

-no reminders


Example: I've got loop with 2 iterations (razy, dwazy) and I received 3 email - 2 with task notification (for "razy" and "dwazy" task) and 1 with task canceletion (for "razy" task). 

Obviously task "razy" is canceled/deleted (no item on Workflow tasks list).


Any ideas?