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Parsing repeating section XML if section connected to a column

Question asked by on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by karlsanada13

Hi everyone


I have a large list with repeating sections and the Nintex form (365) used for these list items has the repeating section connected to a multi-line list column so the XML data can be viewed in a column.


I've since created a workflow to parse through the XML on the list items but if I disconnect the repeating section from the list column on the form, publish the form and edit/save each list item (to "update" the form) I still get the XML source cannot be empty error if I run the workflow on the item. Also, when each list item is opened the values entered into the repeating section no longer appear on the form. If I connect the repeating section back to the list column then the values reappear.


If I could disconnect the repeating section connection, run the workflow, then re-connect the section so I can see the values that would be labour-intensive, but OK. The problem is that is that doing this still doesn't get round the XML source cannot be empty error, presumably because the section list connection can't be removed from an existing item?


Any help would be much appreciated.