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Update repeating field dropdown (all rows) control using javascript

Question asked by rumlukik on Apr 19, 2017
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dropdown in the repeating field gets populated via javascript when the page loads , but how do we get the same script update the newly created dropdown when we click on "Add new row" ?


I want to populate all the rows with the same dropdown data but for now only the first dropdown in the repeating control gets populated. I did try to call the JS Function on button click to run the below code but it only appends the data to the first row only .




Rep_ddl_T2_Code is javascript id for dropdown.


Extract of the code ( external include )




 parser = new DOMParser();
 xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(xml,"text/xml");
 var dat = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Title");
   for (i = 0; i < dat.length; i++) {
    option = '<option value="' + dat[i].childNodes[0].nodeValue + '">' + dat[i].childNodes[0].nodeValue + '</option>';
       NWF$('#'+ Rep_ddl_T2_Code).find('option').end().append(option)