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NWF O365 Cloud based: steps in a site workflow that sends an email to users with overdue items? Bonus: the email lists the overdue items with hyperlinks?

Question asked by rangell on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by rangell

I would very much appreciate any help, I have been working on this for weeks but can only find online examples for sharepoint 2010. It doesn't help that I am not familiar with building collections.


I currently have a workflow running on each list item when it is created or modified. If the item isn't updated within a certain timeframe, the workflow starts sending the user listed in one of the columns a weekly reminder with a link to the item.


I am trying to build a site workflow for my sharepoint site that would send a single reminder to each user if they have overdue items, but have been unsuccessful. If that email listed the overdue items with hyperlinks as it currently does for the single item, even better. The issue is that previously users would only get a few emails, but now we have users that would have upwards of 50 items and that is a LOT of emails.


I have attached the list workflow that I have been using successfully.