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Display Metadata in Task

Question asked by rhia Champion on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by milan.chaloupka

Hey folks!

I searched the site but similar questions were left unanswered, or were for O365. 


I'm using on-prem and all I need to do (I say "all" because I feel like this should be simple) is set a piece of metadata that I can then display in the task list.


I have already updated the task list content type that Nintex uses with this particular piece of metadata, and the workflow defines it prior to going into the Flexi-task. I have also tried editing the task form and adding the field, but the field itself doesn't appear in any of the controls ... even though it's part of the task content type. I do not understand this.


I need the task - when it appears in their dashboard - to display this ONE single line of text that is sitting in the workflow and is set to a value.  It is to assist users with filtering their plethora of tasks.