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Edit Form Page Cut off at Bottom

Question asked by alewald on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by emha

We are a new Nintex User and purchased Nintex WFs and Forms. When trying to edit a form the bottom is cut off. On the left we can't get to SharePoint / List Columns, on the right we can't get to Rule functionality (screen shot attached). We logged a ticket with Nintex and after some testing they determined that there is a possibility that we have corrupted Custom CSS in our master page (SP2013 on prem). Furthermore, Nintex development apparently can't do much about it (even though the support guy has seen this issue with a few other customers recently) and referred us to this community. 


Nintex Support suggested two work arounds: 1) click on General, then use the Tab key, which resizes the Edit Form page and makes the functionality at the bottom appear. 2) develop the form in another site collection without a custom master page and then export / import. 


Has anybody else experienced this issue? Any suggestions short of hiring someone to look at our CSS (we don't have that expertise in-house? Thanks in advance!