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Email action sometimes is blank

Question asked by chamank on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by chamank

I have two questions in this subject.

I have an basic workflow in a form library with InfoPath form that notifies user a form file uploaded in there.

In the workflow, there are multiple email notification using the column of form library (reference) colored by red in "attachment 1" below. e.g. StartDate, EndDate ...

But sometimes the email received by user is blank and the references is disappeared .

Question 1 : How do I investigate this problem ?


As mentioned above, we use InfoPath form. User who wants to apply the form clicks "Submit" button in the form and then the form is uploaded in the form library automatically. So I guessed this is timing issue that sending email before inputting the data into the column in the form library. I mean sending email action is kicked earlier than inputting the data into the column of the library.

If my guessing is true, I think the timing which the column is inputted in the form library should be delayed a little bit before the action of send notification run.

Question 2 : Is it possible to delay the workflow action ??


Any helps would be appreciated.


Attachment 1 : Action "Email notification"

Attachment 2 : Workflow

Attachment 3 : Form library

Attachment 4 : Blank email user received