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Question asked by scromie on Apr 14, 2017



I am trying to kick off a DDP to generate a PDF, which would be attached to a parent record.  I am doing this through Apex, and it appears that I can use the following to do so:


Loop.loopMessage.send(appId, ddpId, new Map<string, string>{
'deploy' => 'attach',
'SFApplication__c' => appId


where appId  = the custom object record Id, ddpId is the Id of the DDP to run, and I have an "attach" delivery option specified.


When I run this I get an all clear from Apex and the log gives me no information once the call is made.  I have no indication if this send message actually got called properly.  In addition, I don't know how I can monitor the job to even make sure it's running.


Is there a code sample out there that would allow me to do what I'm looking to do - i.e. given a record Id, a DDP Id, and a deployment Id or deployment string, kick off a DDP and attach the PDF to the record Id I specify?