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Mandatory Fields

Question asked by julianajacobsen on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by julianajacobsen

I am wondering if it is possible to make a field mandatory in a task, but not have it mandatory for the item itself.


Here is my situation - I have a workflow that ends with a task where the user has to fill in a bunch of fields prior to completing the task. However, these fields are not mandatory. They are required in order to start the proper workflow after that point though. One in particular is titled 'Document Type', as different documents go through different processes. The users in my office have been very reluctant to actually fill in these fields, and as a result the wrong workflow starts and it causes a lot of unnecessary administrative work to stop the wrong workflow and start the right one.


I have made these fields mandatory in the past. However, the problem with that is any user who opens the item just to view the details is unable to close the item if the mandatory field is empty. But if a user is just viewing the information that is available and it isn't their project to work on, then they may not know what document type is being prepared for that particular project and by just filling in any random document type the wrong workflow may still end up being started.


Is there a way to make a field mandatory in a task, so the user is unable to complete the task without filling in the information, but at the same time be able to view the information within the item without being required to fill in the mandatory field?