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Set value in form, based upon other field value

Question asked by markd on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by emha

Working in SharePoint 2013 and Nintex 2013.

2 problems trying to solve - I had originally built this in WFs, but because I was attempting to update potentially 6 fields during an item modification, I was getting poor results due to the number of WFs firing. One of our SharePoint/Nintex solution architects suggested this could be better accomplished in the Form itself.


Editing my requirements - just realized that if my target fields/columns/controls are single-line text, then I will not be able to show "people presence", or able to sort or do list lookups on the dates.  Changing the field accordingly:

1) In a Form attached to a Custom List, I'm looking to set a value in a People-Picker field (list column), after a Date is entered.  The field I need to populate "By" is a People-Picker, and needs to be set to the "Current User" who entered/saved the Date field (list column).

2) In the same Form, I need to set a Date/Time field with the "Current Date" in "MM/dd/yy hh:mm tt" format, based upon the value of "Yes" resulting from the entry in a Check Box.


I have attached a screen shot of the form and related fields I am attempting to set values in.


My solution architect suggested that Java code in the advanced area of the control settings would be needed.


Any assistance will be appreciated