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Dropdown list of people from a SharePoint user group

Question asked by ksivanandan on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by michaela

I came upon this issue, where our client want to have a dropdown for people picker with a list of users in a group. This is for O365 and I do not see a control for this functionality in Nintex Forms.


Options I tried:


Option 1

I tried to write javascript function to populate the dropdown with user names but on Save or Submit I get the event validation issue (reading up on the forum suggest that this is a known issue), I would have to further save the value in another field, clear the dropdown before Save/submit and also on form load, load the options and set the selected index. This seems like too much work as I have about 5 such fields.


Option 2

Have a people field and a multi line textbox. A javascript function will run a RESt API call and populate the text box with the people in the group. The user will use this as a reference and start typing in the people field to choose the approver.


Option 2 will not be very desirable for the client, but if that is the new experience, we would have to talk to them about it, but I wanted to be sure before I make that call.


Is there any other control/method for this functionality to happen?


Thanks for any help/suggestions