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Parse repeating field xml on form load event after lookup

Question asked by rumlukik on Apr 12, 2017
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 We have created a list "list1" which has repeating fields and the repeating fields has two text boxes (tb1 and tb2)


the requirement is pull the tb1 information into a dropdown from list1 repeating field into list2 using lookup or if any other way if possible.


Question :-


1. We know that information is stored in xml , how do we parse and retrieve the tb1 data into dropdown when the list2 form loads.

     Do note that the list2 on load does pull the xml data via the lookup.


2. I did notice that there are ways to use workflow to parse the data but in our case the data needs to be loaded from list1 when the form loads.



Attached image of lookup of repeating fields from list2 and the dropdown is populated with xml , but need to parse it and pull specific value ( tb1 ) in this case.

lookup of repeating fields from list2