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Real-time form validation

Question asked by dipetersen on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by emha

I have the following requirement:


If the user selects a "Due Date" of TODAY and the current time is after 3pm, we should prompt the user that the request will not be processed until tomorrow.  The user should still be able to submit the request.


I'm having a problem understanding how to do real-time validation on Nintex Forms so that I can prompt a user as they are entering in data.  I have tried using calculated value controls so I can use those values in formatting rules but it doesn't seem as though the function dateDiffMinutes(Current Time,"15:00:00") doesn't work in a Calculated Control.  In validation rules, the fn-dateDiffMinutes function does work.


Ideally, I would be able to write a formatting rule that would display a message on the form only if today's date is today and time time is after 3pm.


Any ideas on how to accomplish this in Nintex forms?  Will it require Javascript?