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UserProfileLookup and Custom AD attribute

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on Apr 13, 2017
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Nintex Form 2013

SharePoint 2013


I'm using a calculated value with the following formula :  userProfileLookup(PeoplePickerControl,"employeeID")


If the form is filled out by the user currently logged onto SharePoint and the people picker is set to themselves, the employeeID is returned.


If the form is completed on behalf of somebody else the calculated value field value is blank

The employeeID field is then used as part of a url string on the form which when clicked, filters a SharePoint list based on the employeeID .


Default fields i.e. office, department etc. come through OK.


I couldn't use preferred named value as some of our names have special characters, thus the url is broken.


I can't use a workflow as the url needs to be live once the people picker control has been set. Yet, the value is available if I set it via a workflow.


Any ideas?