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Approval Workflow for Multiple Items, is a Loop Action the answer?

Question asked by darrenfloyd666 on Apr 13, 2017
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Morning all


I have a InfoPath form with Repeating Tables so that a user can request IT applications. So the user may request:

1) Word

2) Excel

3) Powerpoint


I've set up a SharePoint list which the InfoPath form populates an 'Applications' column. I've created a Workflow in the list.


I've set up a condition so that if it's Word it'll go to a Word approval task, if it's Excel then it goes to an Excel approval task. Each of the approval tasks go to a different Approver.


I thought the approach I would take is to loop back around so that the Workflow would pick any additional requests. I'm fairly new to Nintex so I don't know if a) this is the right approach and b) how I would loop back to the start of the Workflow to get the additional requests. Any help gratefully received!

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