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Validate a field in Nintex with a custom list on SP2013

Question asked by bimi82 on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by emha

Hello Ladies and Gents


how would I achieve the following: to validate a field with the data from a customList on SharePoint 2013??


There is a field called CostCenter and but ideally, would love the form to show an error when a wrong NR is entered that is not present within the customList - this is some type of a validation before the workflow runs.


Assuming all the data entered is correct - the WF generates a RefID and sends the ApprovalRequest to the Manager depending on the costerCenter number. Yes, there is a QueryList at the beginning of the WF that looksUp for the data.


What if the Cost Centre is entered wrong?! Well, then the WF will check if the entered number is not found on the list - then it will reject the request. In this case, the user will have to make a new request!!


To avoid this; I was wondering if there is a way of validating the C.C field before the WF runs ?!

I am thinking of something like a vlookup but not really able to get it to work.


lookup(List Title, Column to filter on, Value to filter on, Output column)


This is what I am trying:



  • URL link is pointing to the Cost Centre file
  • Cost%20Centre is the field title of the customList when you look at the normal view
  • CostCentre is the column/field name within the Nintex form
  • LinkTitle is the actual name in html view that points at Cost Centres field



Just add, the CosterCentre field on the form is a normal text-field.
It is NOT a calculated field ... maybe it must be a calc.-field????



Please advise