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How to avoid error in send message action to deleted user?

Question asked by yvette on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by emha

Is there a solution for workflow errors that occur when a send message action can't be completed because the person adressed has resigned from the company and the user account has been deleted from the AD? 


For instance, in our organization we have workflows that run for longer periods of time (9 to 12 months) and that send a confirmation message when all actions have been completed. If one of the addressed users (4 in total) has left the organization in the meantime, the workflow will error on this step and has to be terminated. This actually happens a lot!


Tasks can be delegated so the workflow can continue. It seems like such a waste to have an almost completed workflow error on the very last step of sending out a confirmation message. Does anybody have a solution to this? Maybe a run if action that will only send the message to active users? (I don't quite know how to go about configuring this.) Or does Nintex somehow offer the option to not error the workflow when a send message action can't be completed?