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Task Form Redirect with Outcome

Question asked by scottbyrge on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by scottbyrge

Basically, I need to have a confirmation page that says "Request was approved" or "Request was rejected" based upon the Task Outcome.


I'm trying to use the Redirect feature of the Flexi-Task Nintex Task Form to pass the Outcome value in the URL.

I did not find a parameter for Outcome, but did see one for "Approver Comments".  When I use the Redirect URL like this: Comments  I never get anything passed for the Approver Comments value. 


This has to be a common need, but all of the examples I have found just redirect to a non-dynamic confirmation page.


Can anyone tell me how to pass the Outcome, or the like, in the Redirect URL?  Or, how to get a dynamic confirmation page?