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The workflow could not update error

Question asked by cvuppala on Apr 7, 2017
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Here is my scenario.


I have three lists.


  • Shipments
  • Products
  • Licenses


The Product list has a total number of allowed quantity and allowed price.


Every time a new item is created in "Shipments" list, the, workflow will calculate the remaining qty and remaining amount by aggregating the sum of all qtys / amounts entered so far for a particular product and then compare against the value in Products Table. 


I built a workflow on Shipments list and the workflow woks fine if I enter 1 item at a time. However, if I do bulk edits such as Three or Four items, then, one of the items has Workflow errored.


Below is my Workflow Logic. ( I also attached the .nwf file).







Error from one of the instances when Bulk Edits are performed on "shipments" list.



Please advise on how to fix this,


Workflow error does not give enough information on the error detail.