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Change the spacing on multi-select list?

Question asked by nmjohns on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by nmjohns

I've noticed that when multiple multi-select lists are added near each other, some excessive spacing happens. I would love to know how to modify this as it's way too much space to make the form look nice. Please note the screenshots below.


Notice how they are placed on the form. It's a multi-select box, with a drop down below it. This leaves normal spacing between the items.

Notice the placement of the multi-select list with a checkbox choice component below it.

This is how it comes out on the form. Looks fine, right?

Notice how it comes out looking fine on the actual form.


Now, when I add additional multi-select list components look what happens to the form.

Not only does it add excessive space between the two multi-selects on the right, it then adds additional space between the multi-select and the checkbox component on the left.