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Set Field based on Valid Checkboxes

Question asked by rhia Champion on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by rhia

Hi folks!


I am trying to figure something out and I have a feeling I am looking past something very simple, and so, I bring it to you: the community.


I have a large checklist.


Each checkbox has a validation on it - ie, "Disabled if X application is not required".

Or "Disabled if X was not requested."


What I'd like to do is have a message - "The checklist is not yet complete." - that is replaced with "The checklist is now complete!" when the checklist is (surprise) complete.  (Or, hiding the submit button and only allowing the save button until the checklist is complete.)


This is a checklist that the user will be coming in and out of until finished.


I suppose my question is: is there a way to say "check to see if all VALID checkboxes are checked"?


Note that this is valid checkboxes, not required checkboxes -- none of these are required; the workflow just won't move on until all checkboxes are checked.


I also considered just switching over a message once the WF moves on, but, this is something where the user will want to see the message change when they click that last checkbox in the form.




Thank you folks!