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Notification email content pulled from New list item

Question asked by markd on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by markd

I am new to the Nintex Community and trying to get up to speed on Nintex Forms and Workflows in a SharePoint environment. SharePoint 2013 and Nintex 2013.


Trying to solve what I thought would be a simple issue, and have been searching this site and googling for several days:

1) Developed a custom list, used for submitting and managing Change Requests
2) Creating notification workflows to advise the Change Request submitter of changes or progress in the change process.

3) The first notification workflow, started when a list item is New, is intended to inform the submitter via email that their request has been received.

4) The email is intended to include within the body of the email, certain columns from the newly created list item, ie, Item ID, Title of the Item, text and date fields that were entered as part of the New Item process.

5) The notification workflow fires okay, and is sent to the intended email addresses.

6) The problem is that column values that I am trying to extract from the New item are not populated; only the reference name is showing from where I built the notification email.

7) I actually had this working briefly where the column value was correctly being extracted, and then it stopped and I cannot find any way to correct it.  I have researched and repeatedly tried "Pause for", "Update Item", and other proposed solutions I have found around the internet.  I've probably devoted 10+ hours on trial and error approach and have gotten no where.


Please - assistance would be greatly appreciated.