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Help with percentage calculation (calc. field)

Question asked by bimi82 on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by bimi82

Help with my percentage calculation on Nintex Form.
I have the following formula:


The results shown as this:


The above results are correct (note the decimal places is set to 0 for the percentage).


However, if the planned expenditure is NULL than the percentage is logically infinite, right?
In this case, in the form it is shown as 0% but in the actual SharePoint table the field remains blank.



Using the same approach in Excel; it shows an error:
Note if I use *100 on excel, the percentage does not round to 0 decimal.




Question is; how to modify my current formula on Nintex Form (calculated field)
so that it calculates the percentage as seen in the first 2 pictures but also shows 100% when Planned Expenditure is 0 (zero)