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Set a Field Value with a List Lookup Control

Question asked by kelliganp on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by kelliganp

Hi Folks,

I have successfully configured a list lookup and when a value is selected, I am getting the expected values from the source list item in a series of calculated value controls. My next task is to get some of my list fields/form controls updated with the values that are showing up in the calculated values.




In the image above, I select my name from the dropdown (list lookup control). That loads my last name, first name, and employee ID three calculated value controls currently visible up in the header. I want the values calculated to appear in the appropriate fields below the list lookup control.


I know I could just use the CV controls and bind them to the list fields but I need the user to be able to optionally use manual input if the person is not found I the list.


What is the most straight forward way to do this?


Thanks and Regards,

Patrick Kelligan