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Query a SharePoint list based on user selection

Question asked by stefanseul on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by murphybp2

Dear community,


I am completely new to Nintex Workflows. I'm very much affiliated with SharePoint 2013, and try to draft a new small business application. We are using Nintex 2013 at our company. This is what I want to achieve.


  • We would have a regular SharePoint form. This form would have several dropdown fields for example type of physical flow, destination country or Plant code. 
  • Based on all user inputs, the application would calculate the correct routing rules (Intermediates) and show the correct results, preferably already on the form itself or on a follow up page.


  • We have a master SharePoint list which would store all rules. All rules and results are completely depicted in that list. Basically the application would only search over the master data list, and based on the values that the user selected in the dropdown menus, it would show the correct output.


The list would look like this. Green columns are the values for my input (dropdown fields). Based on which values I select, the application would show the correct output (yellow columns).


Flow typeRegion sourceSource typeDestination codedestination addressdestination RegionFlash/ non flashis Destination country = source country (U-turn)exception destIntermediate 1Intermediate 2intermediate 3
Int siteEUSiteBE-Pr(LSP dest)LSPEUFlashAllstd---
Int siteEUSiteBE-Pr(LSP dest)LSPJPFlashAllJP-BE-Pr(VP HS source Region SG01)
Ext SupEUBysell-SupplierBE-Pr(LSP dest)LSPEUFlashdifferentstdBE-Pr(VP ExtSup Dest Country)--
Ext SupEUToll - SupplierBE-Pr(LSP dest)LSPEUFlashdifferentstdBE-Pr(VP ExtSup Source country)--

Basically this is a very basic application, I just don't know how to achieve this within Nintex Workflows. Can you help?

Do I need to work with Query Actions?