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NWC: An error has occurred with creating your connection. Please try again later

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Mar 31, 2017
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Posted on behalf of varun khurana:

Hi I m using Nintex workflow cloud trail version and trying to create the new Sql server connection by clicking on add connection. I am using SQL server 2008 R2 version to connect. The values which I using to enter in creating connection are below:-
1) Connector:- Microsoft SQL Server
2) Connection:- Connection Name (Any)
3) Database Host:- CTPLLPT438 (This is server on my machine which is in network of my company that is cignex)
4) Database Name:- Test
5) Login:- sa
6) Password:- Cignex@1234

When i click on the connect button it gives me error. "An error has occurred with creating your connection. Please try again later.".

Please let me know how can i connect the sql server which is in my companies domain.
1) Please let me know if i missing or input wrong values in the textboxes above.
2) Other reason can be due to firewall of the company is stopping me.
3) I m using trial version. Is that the reason I cannot use all the feature?
4) Is there any other alternate to connect to sql server from workflow.
5) Please let me know if there is any specific format to enter data in input box.


Please let me urgently how can i create that ms sql connection when using execute the sql control from nintex left panel.


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Varun Khurana