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State Machine Workflow running twice

Question asked by marnita on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by marnita

I have a Nintex form with two workflows. The first workflow is a manual start. The second workflow is the state machine with two states (there may be more states added.) Each state sends an email and is triggered by the completion of a control in the form. The second workflow (the state workflow) looks like this.


If I set the state workflow to start when an item has been completed, the first state runs. However, the manual workflow needs to be completed first. If I have the setting on when an item is modified, the first state of the workflow ends up running a second time once the second state has been completed.  I think the first state runs the second time because it sees the form as being modified.  Is this the case? If so, what do I need to set so the first state does not run twice?


(I don't have a Run If on the first state as it kicks off when the form is modified. Also, there are no other workflows running.)

Thank you.