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2 flexi tasks within a parallel action

Question asked by lhamby on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by emha

I’m attempting to use a parallel action to allow both a Legal Reviewer and Financial Reviewer to review an agreement at the same time. With the parallel action --- each of the reviewers will be assigned a flexi-task. The flexi-task will allow the reviewer to either: 1) approve the agreement or 2) request additional info from the contract champion (the person who submitted the agreement for review).


If one of the reviewers requests additional info from the champion, the workflow has a change state that then assigns a flexi task to the champion. Once the champion completes their task (by selecting resubmit for review), the change state should send the agreement back to the Financial and Legal reviewers for approval once again.


However, I can’t seem to get the workflow to change its state from the reviewer to the champion.


If you look at the image below, if the Legal Reviewer requests “Additional information or changes....”, an email should be sent to the contract champion (this works correctly) and then the state change should kick in and move the workflow to the ‘Contract Champion – Step 1 Reviewers’...but it doesn’t. Instead the workflow ran right through the change state. I’ve tried putting in a pause and end state to try to stop the workflow from bypassing the change state but now the workflow will send the email to the contract champion and then end.


Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to get the change state to work properly? My next idea is to remove everything below the email notification and re-do the workflow to see if that fixes it.

 2 Flexi tasks within a parallel action