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Copy to SharePoint in Nintex 2016

Question asked by hoffmank on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

We are trying to upgrade SharePoint and Nintex to 2016.  I am testing a workflow that works as expected in the current version (2013) but does not work in 2016.  I am using the Copy to SharePoint action, where I actually have a specific URL set, but it uses two workflow variables to populate parts of the URL (since properties of the document and the workflow will determine the exact library to which it is to be copied).


I have attempted both clicking on Insert Reference to type in the entire URL with the workflow variables and typing the URL in the box on the configure action page and just clicking on Insert Reference in the place of the URL where the workflow variables need to be added.  Each time it appears correctly, but when I save, then click on Configure to check it, I find that something in the URL is different.  Examples include adding an extra "/", dropping one of workflow variable or adding slashes and the same workflow variables twice.  On occasion, when I click on configure, I can correct within the URL box, but when I try to save it, either nothing happens or I get a pop up box that says the site is not responding due to a long running script, then gives me the option to stop the script.  If I just close the box and try to save again, I get the same pop up.  If I click on Stop Script, nothing happens when I click on save and all I can do is close the window by clicking on the X and my changes are not saved.


As I indicated, this process works fine in SharePoint / Nintex 2013.