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Using Nintex to generate list notifications instead of Sharepoint

Question asked by calmaguer on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by calmaguer

As you know, you can set alerts right through Sharepoint so you will receive an email when items are added or modified.


I currently have a handful of teammates receiving these alerts.  One of my issues is, when my workflow updates an item, it pops off another notification, so my team is getting duplicate alerts.  One from the actual change that was made to the item, and another one when the workflow updates the item immediately AFTER the change.


I would like to use a notification action to achieve this instead, to avoid the duplicates and give me a little more granular control over what appears in the actual notification itself.


However, the Sharepoint list notifications actually show the recipient what was edited, with a highlighted "Edited" on the right, a strikethrough and the new value of the field, which is pretty valuable.  


Not sure how to replicate this functionality (showing what was edited) with a notification action.  Any ideas?