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set a variable that is dynamically put together

Question asked by bsieloff on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by rhia

I have a couple of loops running.  The first for each group is a list of roles like: safety, director; operations


each role can contain up to 5 assignees.


Thus my second loop needs to assign the actual name to a variable.


For example;  lets say we are at the role "safety" and in that role there are 3 assignees; Bob,John,Kate


Thus I would like to assign

safety1 = Bob

safety2 = John

safety3 = Kate


  What I would like to do is pre-create all the variables ; ie safety1, safety2, safety3, etc..


Then when the loops are running.  assign the variables to their appropriate assignee.


Looking at the set variable action, I need to use a drop down selection.  Is there a way to set the variable by concatenating 'safety'&'loopcount' as the variable name, which has previously been created then set its value?


Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for your input.