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iOS not passing the validation in repeating sections

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by emha

I'm having validations problems when users are submitting a form from iOS "Nintex mobile app".

The validation is working fine on desktop and from android (Nintex mobile app). But when the same form, same validation is tried from iPhone it doesn't pass it when all conditions meet (meaning that the user had entered all what is required to complete the form).


The validation is mainly, in a repeating section to check if a date, description and value is inserted in each line item in the repeating section, if there is no values then it shows the red as a value is required. the validations are in the rules of the fields, so mainly it says if a checkbox on the form is true, and each of the fields in the line items (in the repeating section) are blank, then you need to insert a value, once value are inserted then go..

Android is doing it with no issues, desktop too. iPhone keeps reasking for the values although data has been inserted.


any idea how iOS renders these and how can I go about fixing it?!