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How to replace 'new element' on page

Question asked by martinn on Mar 27, 2017
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I have build a page containing a list build using two content types so that I can use 2 different Nintex forms, one for each content type. To be more clear lets name these type this way: one content type is "main content" the other "additional content".

Now if someone uses that list, the standard view is opend and above that list there is the link "New element". A click on this link still opens the form for a new "main content". In the ribbon at the top of the window (yes I did a click first on one list element and then the ribbon appears) is an item "new Element" and where the user can select between new "main content" or "additional content".

My question now is: How can I get these links for opening both forms which you can find below the described "new Element" on the ribbon into the page replacing the "New element" there.