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Delete a certain part of a string variable and filter duplicated data

Question asked by rogelio.tan on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by rogelio.tan

Hi everyone,


Question 1:

I have this problem that when I store a data in a variable there is a extra letters that I want to delete for example if I use a default string as an output it will show this:




and when I use display name as an output it will show

Tan, Rogelio [CORP/PH]


what I want to happen is either delete the i:0#.w|emrsn or [CORP/PH]


Also, I'm using a People/Group variable.


Question 2:


Those People/Group mention above will be stored in a build string action and is there a way to filter those variable because if there is a duplicate of name I don't want it to be stored in the string so every name stored in the string will be unique and no duplication occurs is there a way to do this?


The current result of my workflow is like this: Tan, Rogelio [CORP/PH], Tan, Rogelio [CORP/PH], Buena, Melissa [CORP/PH], DL CORP EOC.


My desired result is like this Tan, Rogelio [CORP/PH], Buena, Melissa [CORP/PH], DL CORP EOC.


The reason why there is a duplication because several items has the same Owner and I loop through all the items created that's why when I store the value in the string it will go through each item and store all the Owner of the items.