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Delay loading list lookups in forms

Question asked by nataliglodeanu on Mar 24, 2017
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I have in a form 3 list lookups and besides I am using autocompleteplugin.js ( The problem is, that the loading time of the 3 list lookups is quite long. The form loads in 15-30 seconds.


I have tried to delay the loading of the list lookup by hidding them (Appearance -> Visible : no). This way the list lookups are not loading anymore on form load. What I could not achieve, is to change the visibility of these control, that the values load after the form is ready. I have tried with JavaScript, adding the visibility attribute and with CSS adding a class that has  - visibility:visible !important;


None of the above affects the visibility of the control.


Does anybody succeeded to optimize performance by delaying the load of form controls?