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Question asked by sebasnn86 on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by sebasnn86

Hi, we have a SP 2013 Enterprise On Premise Farm (and we're using Nintex WF for SP) that ha:

  • 1 Front End
  • 1 App Server
  • 1 Search Server
  • 1 Database Server


They're well sized (according to MS) but we're having this problem and we believe it's because our servers can't handle what Nintex requires to run (or there's something poorly configured).


We have a Nintex Workflow that, given a parent ID, filters every item in a child list (document library actually) for that parent, breaks inheritance in every item, then assigns exclusive permissions and moves on.


This was working fairly well, until last week, when more records kept coming and the list grew a lil bit (it's sitting around 5k items and growing, nowhere near what MS established as the "limit") and the WF started failing, not every time, but sometimes (around 5%).


Today, when users are using the system intensively the WF is failing almost always, but when we put the site on maintenance, the WF, running it manually, works fine.


We've reviewed the SP log and, among some other cancel issues, we've found the 0x80131530 error to be the most common. We found out that SQL was timing out (thx google), due to, probably, SP throttling resources, still we do not have big querys (inside the WF we always filter by ID) nor large amounts of data (as I said, 5k items tops).


So we're guessing we lack "power" to run the Nintex Workflows, if so, is there a guideline to the hardware requirements we can get? What would be appropriate for this scenario to work? Is there something we're missing/not considering? We're relatively new to Nintex, so please keep an open mind.


Any help whatsoever will be most welcomed...sorry if this is not posted where it should be, I'm guessing dev talk it's the spot, but can be mistaken.