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Nintex App Studio > Tasks not supported?

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by cazza162

So i am on a trial on nintex app studio to see what it's all about and if we can use it for something in the future.

I have added my connection account as o365, built and deployed my app, looks good.  i can see the forms for adding new items which is a good start.  I know i have a workflow with a mobile layout flexi task form but couldn't see tasks in my app.  went back into nintex mobile app studio to edit my app and add tasks by doing the following (unsure if this is right):


But i get the error

"Tasks in the app are not supported for selected account type."


What the...?!  Why not?!  What account types is it supported in?  I am basically trying to demo completing a task on mobile - this isn't ready on o365 nintex mobile app so i thought this would be an alternative.

Am I missing something (please say I am) or is it really not available to me?